When you start a Healthcare Staffing Agency, your main goal is to get a contract with the hospitals as soon as possible. This sounds quite simple and seems very logical. But, this is not a logical area, we work to do what is not logical.

Let me explain: hospitals have several key factors that are unfavourable to them. The main one is the law. We have laws that require hospitals to have a number of nurses or health workers allied to function. They run a hospital without staff and, if they are not available, they must obtain it.


This is when a recruitment agency completes these changes. Hospitals really need you more than they are directing you.

The problem with a personnel agency is to become the main option for hospitals when necessary. The need comes, but it comes in cycles. This cycle is what you are trying to discover.

The other challenge is to discover who are the decision makers. Sometimes it is the administrator who makes the decisions or, sometimes, the administrator, the nursing supervisor or the radiology administrator. Once you have discovered who makes the decisions, you will quickly realize that the hospital really needs it.

Hospitals have no choice but to contract recruitment agencies. They may not like it and they may say no. Do not give up, it’s just a fun tactic. Many decision makers are busy and sometimes do not want to spend time talking to you. The only time they will talk to you is if, at that moment, they are desperate and really need a candidate.

Your job is to be the company of choice of personnel when this need arises and you are not there. You want to be at the forefront of thinking when the decision is made. Believe me, he will come and he will come when he is not ready sometimes. He never comes when he is complete or ready.

Creating a template to visit the facilities will help you get started with your marketing campaign. Your campaign must take into account the changes of the managers, who like to be visited and who do not like to be visited. You will discover the services you want to call before visiting them or those that do not bother you if you stop. He does not want to be a nuisance, but he wants to get contracts.

How to Choose The Best Healthcare Staffing Agency


If you want to know how to select the best recruiter, here are some tips to follow:


Check the interviews.

After a short list of recruiters from the health sector, schedule a consultation with each of them. During this meeting, discuss your working conditions, objectives, and expectations with the company. Understand how the companies you choose work. Get as many details as possible. Check prices and references. What kind of positions do you propose? Full or temporary time? What are the names of the hospitals with which they collaborated? How many states are they serving? This information will help you determine if your favorite health care recruiters are professional and honest. After all, your whole career is in your hands.

Evaluate your employment goals

While working with a recruitment agency, you must evaluate your employment goals. Before starting to look for a recruiter in the health sector, find out what your expectations and needs are. For example, if you are looking for a job as a medical assistant, in what state do you prefer to work? Do you prefer regular schedules or shifts? What are your future career goals?

If you can not find what you are looking for, a health personnel agency can help you clarify your goals based on your abilities, educational background, work history, and lifestyle.

Search for health personnel agencies.

The next step is to carry out a thorough investigation of the recruitment agencies. As a general rule, review at least six agencies and then list them.

Explore online businesses and ask for recommendations to finalize your list. If you request recommendations from your contacts, find out about the commercial rates.

Adapt your resume to your favorite work

Once you have interviewed and chosen a personal signature, you can give them your resume. The health staff will adapt their curriculum vitae to the work they are requesting. An ideal program reflects your achievements and your qualification. It must be up to date and relevant, and most importantly, show prospective employers why you are the best candidate for the medical position.

Keep a record of where your resume is sent

Your personal signature will send your CV to several employers: hospitals, private practices, etc. Therefore, keep a record of where your resume is sent. Make a list of where and when your résumé will be sent.

Follow up with the agency.

Finally, follow up with your agency after requesting a certain position.