A major breakthrough in mental health has been developed in a cooperative venture between the National Bipolar Foundation and MedicAlert Foundation; a preventative care program called “MedicAlert® Benefits of the Safe ’til Stable Program”. It provides vital medical information to emergency responders in time of need through our live 24-hour emergency response service. In a medical emergency, this can help reduce the trauma experienced by individuals impacted with bipolar disorder. If an individual experiences an event, first responders on the scene (e.g., law enforcement, emergency services personnel, etc.) will look for a medical ID with the “MEDIC ALERT” symbol. This is tremendous; in that, those with bipolar disorder will have a voice in times when they can’t speak for themselves, will be properly routed in times of emergency, and provide a sense of security for the individual and those close to them.


  • A preventative care measure
  • 24 hour emergency response service
  • Jail diversion(saving tax dollars)
  • Medical records maintenance
  • Provides a voice and sense of security

Call to Action

We strongly encourage you to publicly acknowledge the MedicAlert® “Benefits of the Safe ’til Stable Program” Program provided by The National Bipolar Foundation and MedicAlert Foundation. You can help ignite a social movement that will allow open dialogue about bipolar disorder leading to the reduction of stigma.

  • Have your influential contacts issue press releases or proclamations (politicians, government officials, celebrities, the medical profession, etc.)
  • Spread awareness through your organizations and communities
  • Make introductions to organizations (ex: crisis intervention teams)
  • Join our online campaign and/or use social media networking to touch your networks
  • Enroll 10 people into Safe til Stable
  • Participate our Brilliance In Bipolar Challenge