The National Bipolar Foundation works towards reducing stigma, educating, and seeking affordable health care.
Statement of Purpose

On April 16, 2007, concerned people met to form the National Bipolar Foundation, the first national group of its kind dedicated to eradicating the disease. By de-stigmatizing the illness through education and awareness campaigns, the Foundation enables those affected by Bipolar Disorder to discuss their concerns at will instead of at a whisper; to assist undiagnosed or untreated people to seek help or gain knowledge; and to stimulate research to gain a cure.

This founding group recognizes that to speak of Bipolar Disorder, one must understand Bipolar Disorder, its course and treatment, as well as the relevant health care policies that so dramatically affect the availability of care. The National Bipolar Foundation will utilize proactive, highly intuitive methods to educate the public and advocate issues of concern. The Foundation pledges to spend the vast majority of funds raised directly on these efforts and to maintain at least one bipolar individual on the Board of Directors at all time.

Today we set out on a journey to vastly improve the lives of millions of people afflicted with Bipolar Disorder, and their family and friends. May we be joined by millions of others in this effort.