The Pros and Cons of Using a Staffing Agency

The Pros and Cons of Using a Staffing Agency Innovo Staffing

There are a number of pros and cons of using a staffing agency that you should be aware of. Whether you’re a job seeker looking to connect with a staffing agency, or a company searching for its next hire, staffing agencies offer many unique advantages for your specific situation. Employers can use staffing agencies to request quality talent, while job seekers can use staffing agencies to expand their employment opportunities.


For employers, staffing agencies help to quickly fill specialized roles without the hassles and pressure of maintaining an in-house team and sorting through massive piles of resumes. For a potential employee, employment agencies offer a team which works to match their personality and skill set to a great company. However, there are many aspects to consider; for example, staffing agencies can be more expensive for companies and can have interests of their own when working with job-seekers.


Candidate search visualization
Candidate search visualization


Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using a staffing agency.




As an Employer


Hiring is time-consuming, especially for unexpected vacancies and new positions. While you might predict and prepare for a need for new hires if you’re scaling your business, unexpected exits and company problems can result in vacancies that need to be filled as quickly as possible. With a staffing agency, you can find a new employee faster than you can write a job description for other hiring routes.


Finding a good employee to fill a job is becoming increasingly difficult. In today’s economy, there are reportedly more jobs available than people looking to fill them. You’ll need every possible advantage to land that great employee who has 8 job offers from top companies. This is where staffing agencies come into play. Staffing agencies connect you with prospective employees by providing them with additional information about your company. The staffing agency gets to know both your company and those on the job hunt and helps fill your role with the ideal candidate. Potential employees tend to view a staffing agency as an objective third party; therefore, employees trust a staffing agency’s company recommendation more than recruitment efforts from an in-house team.


Filling temporary positions through traditional hiring routes can be time-consuming and difficult. Staffing agencies give companies access to quality temporary workers who are prepared to take temporary roles. Those temporary roles can then turn into full-time positions, at the discretion of the employer and employee. In an increasing gig economy and online economy, employers are turning to staffing agencies more than ever before. A successful business, especially a small business, will need to leverage the gig economy to grow their business and succeed in competitive online marketplaces.


As a Job Seeker


With rising trends in working from home, many people are picking up impressive hard skills in technology and design, along with invaluable soft skills like discipline, self-starting, and ownership of work. Sometimes, however, it can be hard for ex-freelancers and at-home workers to translate their skills into corporate resumes and lifestyles. A staffing agency can help bridge that gap through understanding both the incredible value that an at-home worker can bring and the language that corporate job hunters want to hear. If you’re looking to transition from the bumpy roads of the gig economy to the open highway of a salaried position, a staffing agency might be able to help.


Temporary work can be a great way to gain new skills while showcasing your personality and work ethic to potential full-time employers. Some companies may not roll the dice on hiring someone they don’t know, but are willing to dish out benefits to a face they saw in the office for a few weeks.


Submitting applications to countless companies can be overwhelming and exhausting. Instead, tossing your application to a few staffing agencies and doing some phone interviews to demonstrate your personality and strengths can prove to be far easier and helps expand your reach. Staffing agencies only succeed when they continue to supply new talent to companies that need it– this means that staffing agencies are always in need of new applicants. As a prospective employee, a staffing agency can be a more efficient way to search for a job.


Searching for a job can feel like a highly individualistic and isolating endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. With a staffing agency, you’re working with people who get to know you and want you to succeed in your next role. You’ll get the support you need to discover exciting opportunities and maintain a positive atmosphere throughout the process. You don’t need to feel alone in the job search process. Staffing agencies understand the difficulties of finding a job, and are here to help. The process of using a staffing agency to find a job provides support from the first application to the signature on a contract.


Find the right people visualization
Find the right people visualization




As an Employer


As an employer, it can be difficult to get what you pay for in a new hire. Staffing agencies also charge fees, either for job postings or for successful hires. Depending on the type of position that you’re looking to fill, this extra cost might not be worth it. If you think you can generate a quality pool of competitive candidates without turning to a staffing agency, you might save some money in the process.


An in-house hiring team probably has a greater understanding of your company and your company culture. Good staffing agencies will work hard to understand not only the hard and soft skills your company needs, but also the company culture; nevertheless, they simply do not have the insider knowledge that an internal HR department can have. On the other hand, a third party doesn’t have the bias that an in-house team might have. A staffing agency typically has a more objective view of your company instead of an idealistic one and might be able to deliver a candidate that your own team would have overlooked. On the other hand, a good in-house team might pick up on subtle nuances of personality that could make or break a new hire. A staffing agency will see less of the lines and edges of candidates. The decision to use a staffing agency will come down to whether you believe the benefits outweigh the cost for your company’s specific needs.


As a Job Seeker


There aren’t many cons to using a staffing agency as a job seeker because you aren’t committed to signing for a job if you don’t want it. A staffing agency will provide opportunities that they think are great for you, but you can always decline to proceed with the interview process.


Of course, you’ll need to maintain some autonomy and power in the process. If you’re easily suggestible, you could end up taking a job you don’t really want just because a staffing agency recommended it. Keep your sense of self and talent, however, and you won’t end up in a job you don’t like simply because it was offered to you.


Not all staffing agencies are equal; you should always look into a company’s about page and culture before letting them represent you to potential employers.




The pros and cons of using a staffing agency need to be weighed against the situation you find yourself in. If you need a quick hire or to fill a temporary role, staffing agencies might be right for your company. Staffing agencies are more expensive but give you access to a bigger and better pool of talent. If you need to fill a specialized or critical company position, that extra cost might be worth it for better talent.